Friday, December 31, 2010

Update... (past due!!!)

Friends and families,

I want to apologize for not updating Mike's blog for so long time. I have been pretty busy with trips, holidays and my major surgery. Now I am pretty much recovered and nearly settled down from Holiday hectics.

Here is the update on Mike's cause of death based on autopsy findings as performed in Costa Rica.

He died of massive heart attack as contributed by his already existing heart disease and alcoholism. I dont know if he knew about his genetic heart artery disease as my father and grandfather had.

I had hand carried his ashes in urn back to US and now sitting at my home next to my dad's urn.

Mike's urn with his full name engraved.

Mike and his dad urns

After all holidays bustle n hustle are over, and my kids back in school. I will get in touch with some friends in Seattle to help me organize Mike's Memorial Service. Date still not decided but sometimes in late of Spring. I hope to have date and location selected by end of January.

After this post, I will need to dig from some his friends n families who had submitted some pictures on facebook or other locations then put in a new page of this blog, it is something I need to figure around the blogspot dash board to find a good n friendly place where everyone can check at pictures in one place.

For now, I will say Happy New Year!!! Mike is in my heart n thoughts through out the holidays and I will back after celebrating 2011!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mike's humor - video and photo

One of many many many things I love about Mike, is his silly humor. This video and picture was taken in July 2009 during family reunion in Florida. You will see me video recording as mike taking picture of me (making fun of my 1970's sunglasses - made me laugh when he was mocking me).

If you do have videos of Mike, if possible, try to upload on youtube and let me know by comment with a link to view the video clip on youtube, then I will put on this blog.
More to come after my return from Costa Rica.

Mike in his childhood/teen years

Here are some pictures of Mike as he grew up. He was sweet little boy and very creative as a teenager.

At age of 3

6 years old
Adult teeth came in, 8 yrs old
Mike in 1983
Mike as a senior, Class of 1984 at Washington School for the Deaf

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A short update from Cathy


As some of you are wondering or asked around to find out the cause of Mike's death. It is still in pending eventhought autopsy and physical foresenics, still waiting for pathology n lab results as it may take weeks or couple months before they come back then finalize the report. It is a long process especially off shore. I will be sure to post any updates.

For now, I would love some pictures or videos of Mike from friends, if you are Mike's friend on facebook, post pictures or videos on his wall then I'll copy n post on this blog.

Thank u for reading

Monday, October 11, 2010

From Mike's sister

Friends and families,

With heavy heart, I thank you for your generous comfort and support. It is so good to see how much people loved my brother Mike. Some of you are asking questions, such why Mike is in Costa Rica, etc.

Mike loves the tropical place and enjoy seeing new places, meeting people and culture. He moved to Costa Rica in year of 2008, I think. Mike travels often to the states to see friends and families.

The cause of the death, as to this date, is still under invesgiation as it takes time for tests and foresenics to turn around. I will be sure to post once I know the cause of his death.

I have set up the memorial fund to help with all expenses including a memorial service I hope to hold in Seattle sometimes soon, maybe in Spring when the weather is more nice with flowers and all. If you want to help with fund, feel free do so.

I do have many wonderful and loving memories about my dear brother Mike. I will post some more in some posts later including pictures, etc. Feel free to comment anything you like about Mike. I would love to hear from any of you.

With much of love, Cathy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dedicated to Michael Ray Clarkson

Let us remember Michael Ray Clarkson, aka Mike.
Date of birth: July 5, 1964
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington, USA
Date of death: September (?), 2010
Place of death: San Jose, Alajuela, Costa Rica
Purpose of this blog is to dedicate Mike's life which welcome pictures, video clips, stories, and comments shared by families and friends.
A memorial fund will be set up through this blog.
Any money donations is welcomed to help with memorial service.
Please refrain from any foul or negative comments, otherwise they will be removed by the blog administrator.
Thank you for your participation and support